Custom Tactical Glove

tactical glove iconTactical gloves serve a number of purposes, including protection, dexterity and tactility. We have a vast selection of technologies used in the glove, check more from the following features,help you to private label a perfect tactical glove.

1.Finger Design

For the tactical glove, the finger needs more flexibility, and the real grip feels, at the same time, need more protection for the impact.


Knuckle Protector

More design on the index and thumb, making the whole glove more durable, surviving all kinds of environment


Flex Joints

Enhanced flexibility and ventilation on each finger, easy movement.

2.Knuckle Protection

For tactical gloves, the knuckle protection covering the joints offers protection to the wearer, they’re going to give you more power per punch, and there are many kinds of materials used in knuckle protection for hard-hitting protection.


Carbon fiber protection knuckle

hard and molded carbon fiber knuckle, it's five times as strong as steel, two times as stiff, yet weighs about two-thirds less.


TPR Knuckle

With injection molding, TPR knuckle guard can be shaped in various shapes with different color in different parts of the glove knuckle.


EVA Padded Knuckle

protect the outside of the fingers and thumbs from day-to-day impacts, adds an extra layer of protection and durability.


For tactical gloves, palm is an important area for the abrasion assist, grip control and abrasion assistance, for repeatedly seizing the trigger on your firearm, clenching the handle of a bayonet, or steadying the string of your crossbow.


Over layer

another leather layer or Eva foam layer enforcement was designed to provide a superior grip on equipment, the dual palm layers offer up to 25% more abrasion protection than average gloves.


Silicon Print

Silicon print on the palm with embossed and textured felling on the palm provide a strong grip

4.Cuff Design

Easy take on and off, adjustable needed for the cuff design.



Velcro is a common design for a cuff, keep your glove on hand always with adjustable function.


TPR Closurer

TRP can be very stylish, with many logo designs on this part, it is a unique style for the glove.


Elastic Band

Elasti Cuff design is very easy to put on and off, the band will automatically suit for your wrist.

4.Other Features

For Tactical glove, some other glove design is need for the glove.


Touch screen compatitable

Touch screen compatible glove enable you the ability to use your phone without removing your gloves

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SP Glove provides all kinds of tactical glove customization services for all kinds of clients, the following are some of tactical ypes for clients to find what you want.

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