Custom Motorcycle Glove

motorcycle gloveMany important glove technology details contribute a perfect motorcycle glove, with these features, the motorcycle glove achieve more strong grip, stretchable, breathable, more comfortable to wear, please check the following features to custom your own glove.

1.Motorcycle Glove Type

There are many types of motorcycle glove to help the ride to protect their hand in various riding environments, choose the right types of motorcycle glove type will be very helpful for the design of a clear functional glove.


Finger less 

Summer moto riding choice, more airflow, keep you out from sweat.


Full Leather

Cool street motorcycle ride choice, full leather, can be design with protection for important part


Street Protective

Very reasonable designed with protection on fingers and knuckles, also keep you safe.


Racer lever

Must be as protective as possible without being restrictive, but also allow a huge amount of feel.

2.Knuckle Protection

Motorcycle glove Knuckle is the base of rider’s hand that will impact in nearly any crash, it needs protection the most, in “Glove Factory”, we have different kinds of knuckle protection materials.


TPR Protective Knuckle

TPR material, also known as thermoplastic rubber, is a material that has properties of both plastic and rubber


PVC protector

PVC is a solid plastic material made from vinyl chloride, its knuckle shape integrates with the glove well for better protection.


Carbon fiber protection knuckle

Carbon fiber is a very strong material that is also very lightweight, five-times stronger than steel and twice as stiff.

3. Palm Design

When custom motorcycle glove, grip feeling, and shock absorption are always the first concern for palm function in glove design, if the design and material is properly being chosen and designed, then the whole glove will provide you a comfortable control feeling in ridding.


Over layer

another layer was added on the palm; protect the palm from the friction of the movement.

Palm slider

Palm Slider

Slider was a unique design only for motorcycle gloves allow your hands to better glide along the road's surface, reduce friction.


Silicon Palm

Silicone palm gives your hand more grip control over the bar in the ridding.

4. Finger Design

Flexibility always is the first concern for finger design, as the most fragile part of the hand; it always needs to be good taken care of. A great finger cut and design will actually help manipulating the throttle and brake/clutch controls a little better. Some major technology you can see in custom motocycle glove


Finger Gusset

TPU finger protectors or other kind of materials protector is added here to protect mostly your last three fingers when crash happens.


stretch lips

We will introduce some stretch lips function for your custom glove at the index, middle, ring finger and backhand these stretch lips help to move the hand at easy.


Finger Slider

Two small finger sliders were put on the side of little fingers allow your hands to better glide along the road's surface.

5. Cuff Design

Mobility, weather condition and impact protection are three major functions on the cuff should be considered when custom motorcycle glove.


Button Cuff

Perfect for a leather glove, stylish and easy to adjust the cuff


Knit Cuff

Close and warm design cuff for leather glove


Gauntlet Cuff

Cover the end of the sleeves and keep the wind out, provides extra protection


Compressed Cuff

Very stylish and unique cuff design for motorbike glove


Zip Cuff

Zip cuff is easy to put on and off, adjustable and stylish for the whole glove


TPR Closurer

TRP can be very stylish, with many logo designs on this part, it is a unique style for the glove.


Velcro Cuff

Velcro is a common design for a cuff, keep your glove on hand always with adjustable function.

6. Other Features

There are some other feature designs needed for motorcycle glove, which help the glove more thoughtful for the riders.


Pre curved

Pre curved motocycle glove can make the glove stay in the shape when shipping and ridding, meet ergonomics.


Touchable design

Make riders easy to use their phone without taking the gloves off.

Products Gallary

Here are sample products for motorcycle glove, find out what we have and what you want for your design, then we can start for new products.

More Glove Types

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