Custom Bike Glove

1.Finger Type

Fingerless bike glove and full finger bike glove are more designed with consideration of weather, ventilation and hand protection.

breathable mesh back cycling glove

Fingerless Gloves

More airflow, strong hand bar grip, mostly designed for leisure driving condition.

long finger bike glove

Full Finger Glove

Warm your fingers, leaving freezing away, more knuckle protection when in harsh environment.

2.Knuckle Protection

Cycling glove needs knuckle protection, but finally decided by the ride environment, relatively speaking, cycling glove is designed with less protection than motorcycling gloves, because of slower riding speed.

long finger with no padding

Single Layer

only a single layer fabric, most time meshes fabric or elastic fabric with great comfort, breathability.


Protective Finger

When driving the bike through tracks with jumps and loops in a fast-paced, and then you need silicon knuckle protection in case of fall and impact.

3. Palm Design

A padded palm is a must design for bike riding gloves with hand protection, shock absorption, nonslip and grip function, many key glove design technology was put on the areas, these areas are most excitable which needs the protection most. These area includes palm central triangle area and areas between the thumb and index.

neat palm

Single Layer

Keep maximum comfort with great hand bar control with only a single layer fabric design

over layer palm

Double Layer

Another layer was added on the palm; These areas includes palm central triangle area and areas between the thumb and index.

Gel padding palm

Inserts Palm

Glove inserts will cushion your hands from handlebar pressure and vibrations. You can find foam, SBR, gel, and padding is used.

4.Cuff Design

Cuff design makes bike gloves unique, different length of the glove cuff design offer customers with different experiences. Mostly weather, wind, and custom logo were put here. 

TPR closurer

TRP Velcro Cuff

Various and multiple unique choice for the closure, add brand image more to your glove.


Micro Fiber Velcro Cuff

With adjustable closures, very common and useful design for glove cuff

Elastic Cuff

Spendex Cuff

Without any closure, easy to put on and off, suitable for summer biking

Elastic band cuff

Elastic Cuff

Fancy design for a unique glove, easy to put on and off

5.Other Features

Cycling glove may need other features when need, here are some.

touch screen design

Touch screen compatible

New conductive materials at the fingertips when the rider want to use the mobile phone without removing the gloves


Terry cloth on thumb

Help rider to wipe the sweat, avoid bad vision caused by a big drop in the sweat.


Easy Take On Design

More often to be seen on the fingerless bike glove design, same as pull-off design.


Reflective In The Night

Reflect light from vehicle headlights, making your hand signals more clearly visible at night.

Products Gallary

Here are sample products for bike glove, find out what we have and what you want for your design, then we can start for a new products.

More Glove Types

Order A Sample 

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