SP glove factory provides sports glove custom service, our products range from bike glove, golf glove, gym glove and etc, different types of technology are used in certain types of glove, please check more information here below.


Bike Glove

SP glove factory provide a strong grip and palm protection for the hand, make you hold tight, and keep you safe in every ride.

golf glove

Golf Glove

TOP all-leather, synthetic and mess fabric for golf glove, super breathable, lightweight for the swing.

Ski Glove

Water resisitance, warm function are key function for ski glove manufacturing to make the ski glove resist the bitter mountain cold.


Tactical Glove

For tactical glove, finger needs more flexibility and real grip feel, at the same time, need more protection.

Gym Glove

GYM glove give strong support to the wrist , stabilize the wrist in the correct positioned, non slippery hand design
Fashion Motorcycle Glove for Man

Motocycle glove

Custom Motorcycle glove need attention for knuckle protection design, keep safe and protect your hand from crash and injure.

Boxing Glove

SP Glove factory offers some customized features of boxing glove

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