3 Steps Custom Glove

We provide OEM/private labeling/full custom glove service to all our clients, these services include glove design, glove sampling, and manufacturing, our professional advice will help you through the whole glove customization process.

Step 1: Phototype

The prototype could be a sketch/design/finished products, or just some of the basic idea or conception of the glove application enviroment, this is the base for glove customization, in this stage we will:

  • Help To Do Lots Of Researches/Studies
  • Have Many Times Of Discussions & Verifications With You
  • Provide Lots Of Professional Advice For The Prototype
  • will actively involve ourselves in strengthening the prototype within 3 to 7 days.

Step 2: Sampling

A pair of your sample will be made, your design/sketches/idea is 100% to be realized and visualized by the sample, you can check the quality by the sample, in this stage, you should know:

  • 100% Hand-Making Sample
  • National And International Fabric Sourcing To Meet Glove Rrequirements
  • Construction Sample Is Being Made If Need To Confirm New Types Of Glove
  • Design Check, Construction Check, Times Of Revision Happens.

Step 3: Glove Manufacturing

Professional mass production manufacturing happens once the sample is confirmed, all kinds of sports types of gloves are being made in the factory.

  • Professional Sewing Worker
  • Modern Glove Manufacturing Machine
  • Middle-high Glove Quality Manufacturing
  • 30 TO 45 Days Of Manufacturing.

6 Major Services

We provide many kinds of services to all clients, we are flexible and open to all types of connection with you, we always keep our work flexible enough to meet the demand of diversified clients background,no matter what types of business scope you have, we will try to service you wholeheartedly, here are some major business:



Fully new designs service for the brand owner, wholesaler, trader, teams, and companies are being provided, we work with worldwide professionals and fashion designers.



We help to source all kinds of functional or non-functional fabric and glove-related materials in china, japan, Korea, Indonesia, and other markets.


3. Hand Made Glove

We made designs, conceptions, innovative ideas into a visualized hand made glove with 100% respect to the original prototype.


4. Packing Printing

Print your packing with some of the most advanced package printing company to match your glove.


5. Manufacturing

We manufacturing all types of sports gloves, bike glove, motorcycle glove, ski glove, or any sports glove you may think of.


6. Inovation

Get ourselves involved in developing new sports types glove or invovative features needed for certain sports glove.

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