Glove Fabric 

Glove fabric and materials have definitely ranked the top whether you are looking for fancy or functional gloves. SP glove factory has a careful selection to represent for our clients over thousands of materials in the market.

High-quality functional materials and high-tech materials always speak for themselves in sports glove manufacturing. We always put our attention on the newly developed sports fabric industry and try our best to support our clients with these advanced technologies, these fabrics make our glove outstanding in waterproof, insulation, cut resistance, windproof.

The following are basic materials for glove manufacturing, at the same time, it helps our clients to diversify their custom order.







mesh fabric used for glove making back part
mesh glove made form breathable mesh fabric
breathable icon

Mesh is a type of fabric characterized by its net-like open appearance, mesh upholstery is more breathable than any fabric, more air flow keep you cool in hot weather, it is also likely to last longer, as its tightly woven fabric is less likely to rip or tear and there’s no padding that can lose its original shape.


elastic lyric fabri for glove back manufaturing
lyric fabric made glove back
strechable icon made by sp glove factory

Lyric is a synthetic fiber known for its exceptional elasticity, flexible and resilient, the stretch reaches up to 500% and returns to its original form, the fabric can be stretched quite easily, they can then be pressed back to the surface of the body, allows more flexibility and mobility.

Micro fiber

Micro fiber for glove palm design
mircro fiber palm for bike glove
durable icon

Used as the palm and patch of sports gloves, high strength and durability, the best synthetic suede material for sports gloves. Also known as ultra-fine fiber suede leather, high tear and tensile strength and excellent.

Terry cloth

terry cloth for glove thumb to wipe out the sweat
terry cloth thumb design for biker
soft icon

Usually made of cotton or microfibre and is woven in a way which makes it very absorbent. The waffle weave also allows air to flow through the fabric so that it dries quickly. Waffle fabrics are made in a range of weights, mostly used in back of the glove.


glove padding foalm
foam for energy absoption
durable icon

Sponge is a kind of porous material ,elasticity is the primary trait , padded gloves use it to absorb the shock, protect from impact and reduce hand fatigue.

Reflect Fabric

reflective fabric for rider who rider in the night
relective bike glove when riding in the night
reflective icon

High reflective glass beads are made on the surface of the fabric using a coating or coating process that allows the common fabric to reflect light when illuminated

Conduct Fabric

conductive fabric for glove to use the phone without taking off the glove
touchable design for easy to connect the phone
touchable icon

High reflective glass beads are made on the surface of the fabric using a coating or coating process that allows the common fabric to reflect light when illuminated

Water Proof

water proof icon

Waterproof fabrics and Water-resistant fabrics are not your regular sewing fabrics. But for their purpose, there is no substitute. The fabric keeps your hand warm, especially for winter glove, now it is a must for a custom ski glove.

Insulation Fabric

insulation icon

Cotton is the most basic option for winter ski insulated gloves.SP Glove Manufactures made most of the best winter gloves with famous branded insulation. These fabrics keep you warm and cozy.

Cut Resistance Fabric

cut resistance icon

Sometimes special cut resistance function is required and designed into specific sports glove, such as skating sports, motorcycle glove. More protection is added to the hand when there is a hidden danger of cut and being apart from the fabric.

Antimibrobial Fabric

anti bacterials icon

The unpleasant smell our bodies can give off when bacteria that live on the skin break down sweat into acids. Now we have SILVADUR technology which now already have been used in clothing, underwear, and shoes to keep the fabric freshness by controlling bacteria giving pleasant odors.

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