Design Service

"Questions and answers about glove design service from us"

Yes, we provide design service, free design based on logo change and glove color change, other design service is charged which include fully new design, brand design cooperation, and exclusive glove design service.
A:Yes and no, we do not charge for the logo and color change based on our glove template, only charge for fully new design, or exclusive design service.
A: Yes, we have a design team, they worked for branded glove design for years, nearlly all the design now already sold in the market, so, if any new design, exclusive design needed, please contact us.
A: You can provide us your new design, contact us for fully new deisgn from our designer, or discuss with us about exclusive design.

A: Do not worry, you can first check our template to target your interested design, if you are not familiar with the design, please go back to the website, get some knowledge to help you understand the template, if still not helping, contact us or leave a message for help.


"More information about " how to order a sample, sample price, sample quality"

A: Follow “ How to order “, check which step you are in now, and follow the steps to complete
A: 5 to 15 days for sample production, if the glove is complicated in design and manufacturing, we will discuss a new sample production date with you.
A: Generally, the sample production will be 5 to 15 working days, shipping time will be 7 to 15 days.
A: In the design stage, we will confirm with you many design details such as fabric, sewing techniques to make sure we fully understand your need, if you still not satisfied with the sample, we will make the sample for the second time for free.
A: The final quality is matched with the sample. Firstly we will try our best to complete a high-quality sample to finally assure mass production quality, secondly, please make sure the glove sample is same as your requirement.
A: The size of gloves of each brand depends on your need. When the customer does not specify the requirements, we take our size charts.

Order & price & payment

"If you have any questions about the price, order and payment information about glove manufacturing, check here for the answer"

A: Our minimum order are 100 to 1000 pairs accordingly, now, we have a quick react on small orders of high quality, some big brand will have a trial order for new glove design, we have shift our ability to serve more small clients.
A: Generally speaking, we are factories, we supply at lowest price in the market, but the final price is always related to the order quantity,glove types, glove technology, glove fabric, glove manufacturing requirement.
A: You can directly pay to PayPal for sample order, and wire transfer or western union for purchase order.


"How the glove are being shipped, when the private labling glove order will be received, check here for more questions"

A: Generally international express spends 10 to 15 days which suggested for small orders, and 20 to 30 days for international packages (a service provide by China post, much cheap than express), other logistics depend on the clients' needs.
A: We will provide you a tracking number; you can track the products online at
A: You can trace your package with a tracking number at . Your package should have come with a packing slip. Please confirm that the packing slip matches all of the items sent.