Custom Boxing Glove

boxing glove iconSP Glove factory offers some customized features of boxing glove, ranging from fabric & materials to padding materials. Whether you’re new to boxing glove customization, or you are interested in find some custom information, hope you can find it. Scroll through our great selection to find your perfect special requirements.

1.Boxing Glove Type

There are many different types of the boxing glove, as a general guide, the main type of boxing gloves includes bag gloves, training/fitness gloves, personal training gloves, sparring gloves, and fighting gloves, but different types of the glove are not so strict to be used in a particular occasion, here we introduce some important features for you.


Heavy padding gloves

Bigger glove offers your hands much better protection during the punch when beating on the heavy bag


MMA Boxing Glove

The MMA gloves are going to provide less padding and increase the odds of cutting and potentially transmitting more power


Less Padding Gloves

Leather fingerless Gloves Protective, mostly for martial arts

2.Cuff Type

There are only two types of the cuff for the boxing glove, mostly velcro types are more often to be seen in the market, easy to take on and off.



More convenient and time-efficient option,you can put the gloves on and take them off by yourself.



Laces will always give the gloves a tighter fit, you can’t lace gloves by yourself.

Products Gallary

Here are sample products for boxing glove, Please find out what we have and what you want for your design, then we can start for a new products.

More Glove Types

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