Manufacturing Process

SP glove factory provides quick and professional 10 step manufacturing process, no matter what types of sports glove you want, we can all we manufacture.

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Step 1: Design

Before private label your gloves, we first both should communicate the “glove design” concept with each other, here click glove design & template, find a design or template, contact us for private label into your own custom glove.


Step 2: Fabric Sourcing

We get into souring stage for each part of materials and fabrics needed for your customized sports glove, all glove materiel represent healthy, high performance, with steady technical indicator, each kind of materials have been carefully selected to fit the final design and application.


Step 3: Cutting

We use modeling cutting and laser cutting according to the glove shape and size of requirements, we arrange each part of the glove reasonably, make sure the error of each layer fit the standard, first small pieces, then big pierces, using gentle and uniform force, making sure the cutting knife is always sharp and vertical.

glove Processing

step 4: Processing

Process each small part of the sports glove according to the final approved design by our clients, this is a glove manufacturing process which makes the glove different with each other, normally you can see padding, silicon printing, transferring printing, TPR and other glove technology needed.


Step: 5 Sewing

Our skilled sewing staff and sewing machine are working together in this part, skilled sewing staff use different sewing technique which is decided by the fabric tension, density and thickness, sewing all the pieces together into a full glove.


Step 6: Thread Cutting

Now the customized glove is in full shape, we have a group of worker responsible for cutting and minimize excessive thread ends inside the gloves, make the whole glove comfortable to wear.


Step 7: Pre-curved Shaping

Some of the glove needs to be pre-curved, meet ergonomics of natural finger curve, easy to wear, more comfortable, adding more flexibility, relief hand fatigue, stay in shape in shipping.


Step 8: Quality Check

We have a system of maintaining standards in manufactured products by final checking of some of the key factors, The factors include sewing threads, glove technology requirements, leather color, wrist closure fasteners and etc.


Step 9: Packing

After labeling, we wrap all items separately, each carton must contain enough gloves related to the purchase order, If a particular style does not fill an entire carton, then it may be packed into a carton with a different style, we Use strong tape designed for shipping, help to ensure that your package arrives safely and on time with these packaging.

glove shipping

Step 10: Shipping

Our international services are cost-effective, we Ship your international packages to more than 220 countries and territories worldwide, including international parcel, express, air and ocean freight, road and rail transportation, at the same time, keeping a good relationship with EMS, TNT,DHL and etc, now, we are still trying our best to accelerate our shipping charge and time service.

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