SP Glove factory covers an area of 4000 square meters equipped with advanced equipment, our equipments include screen printing machine, iron hand, waterproof testing machine and etc. All modern and automatic production equipment ensures all custom glove manufactured within time demand.

  • 3 work shop(sewing, quality check, packing)
  • 2 production lines, equipped with 120 sets of sewing machines
  • 3cutting machines, 2 perforating machines,4 embossing machine


Except the advanced equipment, glove factory currently has more than

  • 150skilled sewing workers
  • All sewing workers are with more than 2 years of sewing experience
  • 10 quality control worker is responsible for quality check to prevent less qualified products supplied
  • More than 3 professional designers
  • Another countless technician workers

Glove Sewing Workers

hand making glove Wrist-TPR-closure

TRP Logo Making

TPR making

Heating Machine


Printing Machine

glove pattern reinforcement machine

Glove Pattern enforcement machine

fabric test machine

Fabric Test Machine

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