About Factory 

SP glove factory has build 3 major value for the factory itself, which are factory facility, staff and manufacturing stardard, these enable us to produce thousands pairs of high quality glove each year and win the recognition from every clients.

Glove Manfacturing Standard

Glove factory has strict standard in the process of manufacturing, each pair (20000 pairs per year) of glove was carefully manufactured, the following are some basic standard which differs our gloves with other manufacture’s.


Normal standard

Our standard

Stitches  allowance

0.4cm for leather and micro fiber, 0.7cm for cloth

0.2cm for leather and micro fiber, 0.4cm for cloth

Number of row of Stitches

6-7 pin per inch

10-12 pin per inch

Stitching staff

With 3 months experiences

With 3 years experiences


Reuse stock fabrics

Quality fabrics for years


Only technicians

With both technicians and designers

Quality control

No quality control and pre-curving machine

Self-researched quality control and pre-curving machine


We locates in Liaoning, east north of China. The factory has an output of more than 600,000 pairs of gloves a year,covers an area of 4000 square meter.

  • 3 workshop (sewing, quality check, packing)
  • 2 production lines, equipped with 120 sets of sewing machines
  • 3cutting machines, 2 perforating machines,4 embossing machine

Skilled Staff

  • 150skilled sewing workers

  • All sewing workers are with more than 2 years of sewing experience
  • 10 quality control worker is responsible for the quality check to prevent less qualified products supplied
  • More than 3 professional designers
  • Another countless technician workers

SP-glove-factory-workers working envoriment, glove making glove manfaucturing

Our Glove Type

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