About US

SP glove factory is a market-leading sports glove manufacturer,exporter, trader, maker for more than 10 years. We are only specialized in customized high quality sports glove manufacturing, products ranges from golf glove, ski glove, bike glove, tactical glove, motorcycle glove, gym glove and more.


We mainly focused on the medium-high quality sports gloves manufacturing, helping thousands of clients to fnish private label/customize/OEM/ODM gloves design and manufacturing,, our clients’ range is wide from branded glove suppliers, importers, wholesalers, groups to teams.

Supply Chain

With more than 10 years of glove manufacturing experience, we build a wide and close connection with sports glove fabric & accessory suppliers in china.

Our supplier net work covers more than 12 major cities within China and 5 countries worldwide, mutiple reliable fabric and materils resources enable us to satisfy various high glove techniques manufacturing need, at the same time, years of fabric sourcing experience enrish us to provide our clients with more professional solution for glove inovation.


We embraces an innovative culture throughout the entire history.we are not satified with common, simple, plain designs, but always want to add some new & advanced technology for our gloves, making sure our products are unique & compatible in the market.

As a sports glove factory, we always keep our attention to new sports wear features which are used, such as water proof , wind proof, durability, themal, cut resistance,flexibility, we want our products to suport sportsmen steady and better performance in winter & rainy or other extreme enviroments. We care not only big technology breakthough but also small changes and improvements of glove wearing feeling.

Design Service

We help our clients, who may not have design ability, with professional glove design services, each design is target to provide a solution for hand protection or hand function enhancement in certain sports or under specific enviroment.

Our study of ergonomic design, new fabric & materials, sports&hand relations allow us design a complex glove. We emphasis both protection and comfort should be necessary in proper design. Every sports design are targeted to meet special protection, movement motion, flexibility, performance improvement need.

Our Glove Type

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