About Factory 

SP glove factory is a market-leading sports glove manufacturer,exporter, trader, maker for more than 10 years. We are only specialized in customized sports glove manufacturing, products ranges from golf glove, ski glove, bike glove, tactical glove, motorcycle glove, gym glove and more other kinds of sports glove will release soon.

About Factory 

SP Glove Factory locates in Liaoning, east north of China. The factory has an output of more than 600,000 pairs of gloves a year, We have a modern factory facility and skilled staff which make sure the whole strict glove manufacturing standard are completed.

About Glove Fabric

With more than 10 years of glove manufacturing experience, we build a wide and close connection with high-quality glove fabric and accessory suppliers in china. Our supplier next work covers more than 12 major cities within China and 5 countries worldwide, which enable us more capable of satisfying various glove factory manufacturing need.

About Glove Technologies

Our continued research for glove technology keeps us serving our clients. We are mainly focused on the medium-high quality sports gloves, helping thousands of clients to private label/customize/OEM/ODM their brand glove by providing quick response to what they need.

We serve all sizes of business, our clients range from branded glove suppliers, importers, wholesalers, groups, teams.

About Glove Design


At the same time, SP Glove factory provide professional glove design and template services, he design may comes from a total new idea or based on some of market research, each kinds of sports gloves designs meet special protection, movement motion, flexibility, performance improvement need.

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