When custom boxing glove, SP glove factory introduce some of small details to know for better private labeling.

Types of Boxing Glove

Boxing glove can be specialized to perform different tasks. There are many types of boxing glove, Each design has a unique technology point that best suits its intended use.

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Boxing Glove Sizes

Here are some of recommended uses for different sizes when custom boxing glove: 8 - 10oz: ideal for competitive boxing fights,101lbs and under. 12oz: the recommended general training glove size,fighters in divisions welterweight through super heavyweight 14oz: ideal for sparring or general training,Masters Division fighters 16oz: the size most gyms require for sparring 18 - 20oz: usually for larger heavier weight classes for training

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Fabric & Materials

Most often boxing gloves are made of either leather, vinyl or some blend of both.except fabric selections, please also visit our boxes glove to find more features additionally in boxing glove manufacturing.


Microfiber Leather

Polyurethane leather is an artificial alternative to leather, with all the benefits of real leather. It has the same durability and the same genuine looks, but at a significantly lower price than the real thing. Polyurethane leather is also suitable for use by vegetarians and vegans, making it a more ethical choice of material for those concerned about animal welfare.

Genuine Leather

The priciest (and the best quality) boxing gloves are made of real leather. They are the most durable and actually grow with the boxer, gradually moulding to your hand shape and becoming like a second skin. This ensures that you get a pair of gloves that are specifically yours.

Above information are some details for custom boxing glove, If you are interested, then please visit out boxing glove or contact us.