A good pair of winter ski gloves can bring you a wonderful skiing experience, it keeps you warm in low temperatures and away from moisture. Apparently, warmth is only a basic requirement, sometimes, you need to pick up skateboards, tie shoelaces, and clear the snowflakes on the goggle. So, SP glove factory is a professional glove manufacturer, we have researched a lot of ski gloves, and today we introduce you 5 Small but smart design for clients who want to custom winter gloves.

Wrist loop

When taking the gloves off, use the wrist loops to secure the snow glove safely to the wrist, and you can forget all about them, but you’ll find them again when you need them.

wrist loop design for ski glove snow glove when custom ski glove

Goggle Lens Wiper

Some of the winter gloves have a Lens Wiper that can wipe the snow off snow, water, and debris from your goggles, clear the vision. The squeegee is small and rubber, able to clean goggles easily and efficiently.

Goggle Lens Wiper design for custom ski glove in sp sports glove factory

Zippered pockets

If your clients are ones to use hand warmers, you definitely want your private ski glove with zippered pockets. These pockets are also useful for RFID cards or money.

Zippered pockets design for private lable sports glove

Touch screen compatible

Touch screen compatible glove enables you the ability to use your phone without removing your gloves, it is a must for many skiers. Our factory offers this feature; make you not freezing when you want to use the phone.

Touch screen compatible for ski glove snow gloves winter gloves when custom

Glove & Mitten design

Have you noticed a unique design for snow gloves? They can be both gloves and mittens. The design make you more flexible when skiing, you can take the mitten off and use each finger with more challenge job, and put your glove on when you need mittens for better warmth.

snow mittens ski gloves glove mitten design for winter gloves

SP Glove factory is now working on more and more small details of ski glove, we welcome all clients who are interested in custom/private label their own high-quality gloves.