A good pair of winter gloves are very important, not only to keep warm and cold but also to be soft, wear-resistant and cut-resistant. Ski gloves are normally made of natural leather and synthetic materials and should be made of impermeable fabrics. A splash of snow on your hand can easily melt into water and seep into your gloves when skiing, so make sure the outer fabric of your gloves is waterproof.

In skiing process, you still need to adjust ski equipment from time to time , winter gloves need to be very loose, five finger separate gloves are suggested to use to facilitate operation.If the glove wrist is longer enough to cover the cuff and save the wrist guard. Elastic band design for the glove can effectively prevent the snow entrance. It is better to have cotton for protection and warmth.Here are some purchase advice:

1.Strong Fabric Protection is the most important, the winter gloves should be to anti-wear, anti-cutting, anti-tearing , because skiing fall is inevitable, if the glove fabric is not strong, they are easy to break, hand is also easy to touch down on the snow. At present, professional ski gloves even use kevlar material for armor in the main protective parts.

2.Water proof The waterproof fabric used in snow gloves is very important. The inner or second layer of the glove should be material such as cotton, wool. The outside fabric is ok with leather, chemical fiber, or rubber, but need to do water processing.

3.Keep warm and breathe freely, you need to keep your fingers flexible so that you can zip, fetch, adjust your boots, skis, and get up and down the cable cars in the snow.

4.Some gloves are also made in the shape of naturally curved fingers, making them more natural and comfortable to wear.

5.Longer snowboard glove wrist often keep the snow leave outside of the glove.

6. Five-fingers glove are preferred, palm material are better non-slippery, in order to ensure strong grasp firmly to poles, skis, drag, cable car and etc.

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