Winter gloves, also known as winter sports gloves, are mainly used for field exploration and ski resort sports, it is different from daily wear, winter gloves are generally used in the cold snowy weather. Due to the special application, the winter gloves are not meant to keep warm and prevent cold, but also needed to be breathable, durable and cut-resistant, today we take you a look of what makes the best winter gloves.

Waterproof Function

water proof fabric for winter gloves

Snowflake might be stuck to the gloves, so the outer fabric must be waterproof and breathable, generally made of natural leather and synthetic materials, waterproof & breathable layer processing should be added to textile fabrics.

Protection requirements

hand inquiry happened in sports

The protection of ski gloves fabric is very important, require to be durable, cut resistant. Ski sports always come up with inquiries, glove is easy to break if fabrics are not tight and tense, hand will be exposed to the cold weather and danger. Nowadays, professional ski gloves are made with Kevlar material as a hand armor in the main protective parts, which is very strong and safe.

Warm request


Skiing is generally played on cold snow, the fabric must be protective to cold weather, the inner layer glove materials needs to be warm, breathable, and soft, generally using cotton and waterproof bags to keep warm.

Breathability Need

breathable fabric for winter gloves breath in and breath out

Breathability is the ability of the glove to permit water vapor to pass through and to prevent the entry of water, avoid wet and the cool feeling when the heat keeps inside the glove, and the glove does not breathe freely.

Other requirements

Snowboard gloves need to keep your fingers flexible so you can zip, fetch, adjust your boots, and get up and down cable cars in the snow.

Some gloves are also made with naturally curved fingers, more natural and comfortable to wear. Snowboard gloves wrist is longer, often help glove surface to prevent snowflake falling in, some glove design has the more protection structure to prevent hand inquiry when the hand hit the ground.