For OEM a pair of racer lever motorcycle glove, many details needs to be concerned, such as:


1.kunckle protection : Motorcycle glove Knuckle is the base of rider’s hand that will impact in nearly any crash, it needs protection the most, in “Glove Factory”, we have different kinds of knuckle protection materials.

2.Padded palm: When custom motorcycle glove, grip feeling and shock absorption are always the first concern for palm function in glove design, if the design and material is properly being chosen and designed, then the whole glove will provide you a comfortable control feeling in ridding.

3.finger protection: Flexibility always is the first concern for finger design, as the most fragile part of the hand; it always needs to be good taken care of. A great finger cut and design will actually help manipulating the throttle and brake/clutch controls a little better. Some major technology you can see in custom monocycle glove

4.Slider: Slider was a unique design only for motorcycle gloves allow your hands to better glide along the road's surface, reduce friction.Too much friction and your delicate fingers can be broken easily as they get pulled by rough asphalt or concrete as you land and slide.

5.Cuff: Mobility, weather condition and impact protection are three major functions on the cuff should be considered when custom motorcycle glove.

6.Pre curved: Pre curved motorcycle glove can make the glove stay in the shape when shipping and ridding, meet ergonomics.

7.stretch lips: We will introduce some stretch lips function for your custom glove at the index, middle, ring finger and backhand these stretch lips help to move the hand at easy.

8.Ventilation hole: Perforated hole allow more air flow to the glove, in the hot weather, rider need this, the hole was designed on the less abrasions part of the glove, which will not affect the functions of the glove, you can find them on the finger, palm, hard knuckle protector, at same time, mesh fourchettes, mess back are chose for ventilation

9.Touchable design: Make riders easy to use their phone without taking the gloves off.