When you custom glove, you need a design, the design may comes from a total new idea or based on some of market research, no matter what situation is, you need a pro designer.

But nowadays, it is not easy to find a designer for glove design only, most designer are specialized for clothing, shoes, jeweler, they have much fame than gloves.

At the same time, each kinds of sports have various need of special protection, movement motion, flexibility, performance improvement. Tremendous professional sports knowledge are crucial in the design.

In Addition, in glove manufacturing process, the whole glove is sewed together by small pieces of fabric, each piece acts special function to the whole glove, a glove designer should be knowable about the fabric trait, which contributes the function for the glove.


Leather Glove Back Design

Leather Glove Back Design

leather glove design details_

Street Causal Motorcycle Glove Design

motorcycle glove design details_

Padding designed glove

motocycle glove finished products from design

Leather Palm Design

So, here SP glove factory provide you free glove design, we have years experiences with some famous international brand, SP learned valuable experience in every detail of design.

SP has manufacturing design and ideal design combined, each pair of glove worked very well, we had experiences of thousand kinds of glove manufactured, all newly fabric trend used in the design, which make our glove always top quality.

We provide a fully new design to each of our clients, or our custom can private label for a current stock glove, at the same time, we help our clients with innovative glove design.