As you know SP is a midum high sports glove factory, as a supplement article of “A Guide To Custom Glove”, here you can find what kinds of sports glove we can private label.

In “A Guide To Custom Glove”, you can find the answer:
1. the benefits of custom glove
2. Who needs custom gloves?
3. How to easily“custom gloves”?
4. Some guide to custom gloves
5. Where we can find a trustful glove manufacturer?

1. Bike glove


Casual riding, road riding or mountain biking requires different hand protection and comfort, we have all kinds of featured glove technology to private label your brand, click “Bike Glove” for more.

2. Motorcycle glove


Many featured glove technology details contribute a perfect motorcycle glove, with these features, the motorcycle glove become more strong grip, stretchable, breathable, more comfortable to wear, please check “motorcycle glove” for more.

3. Golf glove


A good pair of customized golf glove provide top-shelf comfort, perfect fit, a great grip, excellent breath-ability, and durability, we pay lots of attention for the glove design and glove manufacturing technology, click”Glove” for more.

4.Ski glove


Ski gloves are vital when being active in cold temperatures as they boost circulation and keep you warm when you need it most. Furthermore, they have a strong set of functions that enable skiers to pursue the sport comfortably while maintaining performance levels, in SP glove factory, if you OEM ski glove,click "Ski Glove" for more.

5.Tactical glove


Tactical gloves serve a number of purposes, including protection, dexterity, and tactility. We have a vast selection of technologies used in the glove, check more from the following features, help you to private label a perfect “tactical glove”.

6. Gym Glove


When customizing a weight lifting glove, we focus on many design and manufacturing technologies that help our clients to get a perfect functional glove, which help the final user to fully enjoy the fun in the Gym, check more features on “gym glove”.

Basically, clients may distinguish gloves by sports type, but as a glove manufacturer, we seldom distinguish in the same way. Function and application environment can be terminated by various fabric combinations with same glove design, which means, each featured glove function is not limited to suggested glove types.