Custom Sports Gloves

High Quality Fabric

Glove fabric and materials have definitely ranked the top whether you are looking for fancy or functional gloves. SP glove factory has a careful selection to represent for our clients over thousands of materials in the market.

custom motorcycle glove design
Tags & Packing


Glove Tag is a thick cardborard cut that can be printed on and shaped any way you want. You can print product information on them and use them for creating attractive glove packaging.



Glove Packing can be found in any size, shape, color, or design, they can be created based on the specific customer requirements,provide protection for the glove and visibility.

Glove Manufacturing

Glove Sewing


Glove Sewing

glove Processing

Glove Processing


Glove Fabric Cutting

sports glove foam-padding

Foam Padding


Silicon Printing

hand making glove Wrist-TPR-closure

Wrist TPR Closure

glove thumb-iron

Thumb Iron

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SP Glove Facotry is a market-leading sports glove company, manufacturer, exporter, trader, maker for more than 10 years. We have professional design team, top quality fabric network, strick glove manufacturing standard, these make us to serve more.......